Biography of Rodrigo A. Muñoz M.D.

As the 127th President of the American Psychiatric Association, Rodrigo A. Muñoz, M.D. was the last APA President to complete his term in the 20th Century.  He presided upon a transformation of the organization which included the creation of the American Psychiatric Institute on Research and Education, the consolidation of the American Publishing Group, and the initial implementation of a corporate change that will commit the APA more closely to its members. 

He obtained training in psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri.  He participated in research there that led to his being one of the co-authors of "Diagnostic Criteria for Using Psychiatric Research," the most quoted psychiatric paper in the last decades of the century. 

Dr. Muñoz has published scientific papers in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the Archives of General Psychiatry, and most of the leading psychiatric journals in the country.   Of the four books he has published, "Boarding Time; A Psychiatric Candidate's Guide to Part II of the ABPN examination," has helped more than 10,000 psychiatrists in taking the ABPN.

Dr. Muñoz has been a Delegate to the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association and has been President-Elect of the San Diego County Medical Society;  Advisory Board Editor, Clincial Psychiatry News; and Chief Editor of the Latin American Journal of Psychiatry.

Dr. Muñoz is very active in programs for the indigent, the homeless, and patients who suffer from chronic mental illness.  Dr. Muñoz has a full time practice in San Diego, California.  View the Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Munoz